Set of 500 "Bluff Canyon" composite poker chips (13.5g)

Set contains:

  • 150 The Mint 1$ chips
  • 100 The Mint 5$ chips
  • 100 The Mint 10$ chips
  • 75 The Mint 25$ chips
  • 50 The Mint 100$ chips
  • 25 The Mint 500$ chips
  • 2 decks of cards
  • 1 Dealer button
  • Poker case

The Mint Poker Chip was named to represent the house or bank. Because the U.S. Mint is where the government coins money, a “Mint” chip seemed appropriate. In essence, the name was designed to reflect a “Beat the bank” mentality. After all, to some, poker chips are synonymous with Las Vegas. And many people go to Las Vegas with the hopes of winning large sums of money to gain wealth and notoriety. And what better way to try to attain that goal than high-dollar poker games?

From 1958-1966 there was a casino in Las Vegas known as The Mint. Its name was later changed, and from 1966-1989 it was known as the Del Webb Mint. When the casino changed names, it began using a spiral or scallop inlay for the in-house chip design. This innovative feature broke away from the traditional circular patterns that were being used at many other casinos during that time. It was this unique design that gave us the inspiration and impression for Claysmith “Mint” poker chip.

A Mint represents money. And Claysmith wanted this poker chip to convey the impression of money. The light green with fine lines reminds us of cold, hard cash. Furthermore, many casinos, real and fictional, are named to represent houses of money. Take, for example, the 2007 movie “Ocean’s 13” starring George Clooney. The fictional premiere casino in that film was creatively named, “The Bank.”

But if you want real high-dollar poker chips to supplement your home game, The Mint Chip is the answer. The Mint is available in the following denominations: 5¢, 50¢, $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a large poker tournament with hundreds of thousands in tournament chip value or if you are playing a 25¢ – 50¢ limit game. This poker set will surely heighten your gaming experience.

Material Composite
Metal Insert Yes

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Poker Set "The Mint" 500

  • Brand: Claysmith
  • Product Code: poker-set-the-mint-500
  • Reward Points: 500
  • Availability: 14-21 Days
  • 193.00€

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